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Making M&A Technology Transformation
Less Taxing

As technology specialists across the end-to-end lifecycle of a deal we ensure your transaction achieves synergies faster and your day-to-day operations are protected 


Comprehensive Due Diligence Assistance

At our core, Karumba Consulting specialise in providing invaluable support for due diligence processes. Our expertise is aiding acquirers to gain a profound understanding of the technology landscape throughout the entire deal lifecycle. We diligently manage, mediate, and coordinate all essential pre-deal due diligence prerequisites.

Moreover, we excel in handling the intricacies of pre-deal and post-deal remediation management, ensuring that you can proceed confidently, fully aware of what you are purchasing and that your expectations are met.

Technology Separation, Integration, Planning and Execution

Our expertise extends to optimising the value derived from your deal. We can formulate a comprehensive strategy and execute the seamless integration or separation of technology assets. This encompasses meticulous cross-silo separation planning, the introduction of streamlined processes, and the appropriate allocation of resources. Our commitment to preserving business continuity, minimising disruptions, and enhancing overall efficiencies remains unwavering throughout this process.

Signing a Contract

Transition Service Agreement (TSA) Management

We excel in TSA negotiations and management. Our team collaborates closely with legal teams and IT departments to facilitate pre-deal TSA negotiations and ensure seamless post-deal TSA management. Leveraging extensive knowledge and expertise, we help craft effective agreements, eliminate delays, mediate disputes, and maximise value for all parties involved.

Value Creation

We identify and realise synergies and efficiencies from a complex IT landscape with many different dependencies, contracts, and business-critical functions. We support businesses to optimise IT costs, improve performance and transform their digital landscape to be the most effective possible.

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